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Weekly Recap (8/15-8/31)

As mentioned in my entry here, catching up on the recap blog post now for the 2nd half of August. I’ve continued trading “blind” (though I read the news and figure out the overall sentiment at each start of the week, I don’t read the news yet on the day and hour I trade, I let the chart patterns and current price movements speak for themselves and trade accordingly, usually umbrella trade if risk is a bit high and I align them to my weekly strategy). Thankfully I got better results, but because of that, I won’t be able to add more input about what economic news could have possibly triggered the price movements, which is different from how I usually do recap (even my separate trading journal now has less “essays” haha the moment I switched into “blind” trading). Here are the results:

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Weekly Recap (8/8-8/12)

This is Part 2 of the 1st half of August recap–this is gonna be a long blog post. Most of my stop orders were entered on Tuesday morning (Aug 9) at the start of the AU session, while some were added like EURGBP trades since the initial TP was hit early. A few of the setups I did were hit while I was away, so the only screenshots I have for them were either in the middle of the trade or right after the TP/SL was hit. The basis of my trades was simply riding whatever trend was forming in various currency pairs the week after July 2016 US NFP report release last August 5–there weren’t any major news events on the 2nd week of August so I went “blind” so to speak, and simply focused on price action.

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