Bremain or Brexit: Views from the Sideline

Image from Dr. Lez Sach 


Since I’m no British economy expert and I don’t even live there or anywhere in Europe (I live in Asia lol), if British people have a hard time deciding which is better, then all the more I am.

I did some basic research and here’s a nice article from Telegraph summarizing the arguments of both the leave and exit camps:

Leave or Remain in the EU? The arguments for and against Brexit


Here’s the result of the poll (as of 6/20/2016):
 photo WhatUKThinks_EU 1_zpsv7wc1mix.png

 photo WhatUKThinks_EU_zps5prgtfpe.png


Let’s wait and see how it will turn out tomorrow. If it weren’t for my past failure while testing out news straddle strategy on a demo account, I might have jumped in right away and possibly see my live account wiped out the next day. I saw and heard some useful tips against it from some trading forums, and also from Janne Muta of Hotforex when I listened to one of his webinars. News straddle used to be very profitable (way back in 2010 and earlier). But brokers (especially the market makers) as well as banks are smarter now and have pockets deep enough to make risky trades that hit stop losses set by small time traders like me. Patience is indeed a virtue in times like this.


UPDATE as of 6/23 4:19AM GMT +8:00

Here’s a good speculation as to what might happen this Friday:


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