Cool Stuff Friday

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Found some interesting things while wrapping up the week:

1. Self-Journal

 photo Self Journal_zps5jmwxqov.png

I say ditch that generic Starbucks planner and try this out instead. I’m currently using the templates here on my dyed leather wrapped unlined notebook– still on week 1, but I love it! If you’re like me and into tracking weekly habits and goals, and aligning them to your bigger picture life goals the way companies do theirs, this is a great help. I’m already excited what my week 13 is gonna be like– hopefully a better person: less distracted, and more productive and disciplined. We can support its Kickstarter here to get a hardbound copy, or download this PDF version.


2. Tesla’s Master Plan, Part II

 photo Tesla_zpsicq0wfrz.png
Image from Roman Boed

I love this company’s vision. Anyway, last year I almost got in the Uber hype and considered buying a car which I can rent out to Uber or GrabTaxi while I’m in the office. The problem was, I didn’t personally know anyone whom I can trust to drive the car, aside from my dad’s old driver who’s running his own van business now. Uber and GrabTaxi screen the drivers recommended by car owners, but that wasn’t enough to stop rampant car theft in my country. With Tesla’s self-driving cars, I won’t have to worry about getting a reliable trustworthy driver. Part of their Master Plan is to “Enable your car to make money for you when you aren’t using it”. How cool is that? Then there are the passengers though–hopefully they won’t ruin the car seats, or worse, hackthe car’s automated system to manually control and steal the car. But I’m sure Tesla will add a security feature to deal with that. Then I’ll just have to worry about congested Manila traffic–but with our new president planning to develop other cities, who says car rental business should only be limited in Manila?


3. Basslet

 photo Basslet_zpstnbxxrh7.png

For the music junkies (like me), this is amazing. It literally adds an extra feel to the music, and added oomph to gaming experience. I’m not sure how this really works but based on their video, it says no plugin and installations required. Just wear the Basslet and that’s it. They have few days remaining in their Kickstarter here.


That’s all for today. Hopefully I get to discover other helpful stuff next week, and maybe this Cool Stuff Friday can be a regular weekly thing.


P.S. I was supposed to add a fourth one, The PokeDrone by TRNDlabs which a friend told me about few days ago. Initially cool but the whole point of Pokemon GO is to move away from sitting in front of the computer whole day, get out, walk and explore the neighborhood to catch those pokemonsters while interacting with other players and even making new friends (aside from getting some sunlight and fresh air too). The PokeDrone on the other hand can breed laziness. Uncool. So, no. Just no.




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