Weekly Recap (8/8-8/12)

This is Part 2 of the 1st half of August recap–this is gonna be a long blog post. Most of my stop orders were entered on Tuesday morning (Aug 9) at the start of the AU session, while some were added like EURGBP trades since the initial TP was hit early. A few of the setups I did were hit while I was away, so the only screenshots I have for them were either in the middle of the trade or right after the TP/SL was hit. The basis of my trades was simply riding whatever trend was forming in various currency pairs the week after July 2016 US NFP report release last August 5–there weren’t any major news events on the 2nd week of August so I went “blind” so to speak, and simply focused on price action.

Buy Stop: 0.85238
SL: 0.84942
TP: 0.85454
Actual Exit: 0.85454
G/L: 21.6 pips
 photo EURGBP 8-9-16_zpsvcjkn9u7.png


Sell Stop: 1.29733
SL: 1.30441
TP: 1.29113
Actual Exit: 1.30441
G/L: (70.8 pips)
 photo GBPUSD 8-10-16_zpslurprfrt.png


Buy Stop: 0.71789
SL: 0.71314
TP: 0.72095
Actual Exit: 0.72095
G/L: 30.6 pips
 photo NZDUSD 8-10-16_zps2i5olmjd.png


Buy Stop: 1.11257
SL: 1.10785
TP: 1.11579
Actual Exit: 1.11579
G/L: 32.2 pips
 photo EURUSD 8-10-16_zpswsj2odus.png


Buy Stop: 20.038
SL: 19.78
TP: 20.281
Actual Exit: 20.281
G/L: 24.3 pips
 photo XAGUSD 8-10-16_zpshtkxpueq.png


Buy Stop: 0.85403 0.85408 0.85408
SL: 0.8571 0.85628 0.85201
TP: 0.86234 0.86164 0.8607
Actual Exit: 0.86234 0.86164 0.8607
G/L: 83.1 pips 75.6 pips 66.2 pips

 photo EURGBP 8-11-16_zpstefvv8rz.png


Buy Stop: 1343.95
SL: 1330.71
TP: 1356.75
Actual Exit: 1356.75
G/L: 128 pips
 photo XAUUSD 8-10-16_zpsfxjrptti.png


Sell Stop: 101.427
SL: 101.808
TP: 101.088
Actual Exit: 101.088
G/L: 33.9 pips
 photo USDJPY 8-10-16_zpsaxw3ltdn.png


So happy to get my groove back! My gains now so far are more than enough to offset last month’s losses. If I’ve become consistent with my gains for another month or 2, I’m planning to increase my position sizing, from 0.01 to 0.02 lot, then eventually 0.05. Once my equity grows into a considerable size for me to open 2-3 more real accounts (either for PAMM or for EA robots, or both but in separate accounts), that’s the only time I’ll start trading in 0.10 lot and up.


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