Weekly Recap (9/1-9/9)

The “blind” trading continues, but instead of AU-UK session, I decided to try it on NY session also. Here’s the result:

Sell Stop: 103.66
SL: 103.986
TP: 103.358
Actual Exit: 103.358
G/L: 30.20 pips
 photo USDJPY 9-1-16_zpsodbtmjfo.png

Decided to do counter-trend trading for this pair and see if it would continue to bounce down after reaching the trendline I made–and it did! I waited for the bearish engulfing candle to appear first though as confirmation as well as the US ISM news to be on the safer side.


Buy Stop: 103.751
SL: 103.598
TP: 103.903
Actual Exit: 103.598
G/L: (15.3) pips
 photo USDJPY 9-2-16_zpsqxf0z7um.png


Buy Stop: 103.522
SL: 103.383
TP: 103.661
Actual Exit: 103.661
G/L: (14.1) pips
 photo USDJPY 9-2-16b_zpsdwelprdm.png
Things happened fast and wasn’t able to take a screenshot of these trades before getting stopped. This what happens whenever I’m clouded with my bias on fundamentals, and not seeing the chart and price movement as it is in the present time.


Sell Stop: 1.11693
SL: 1.11925
TP: 1.11352
Actual Exit: 1.11537
G/L: 15.6 pips
 photo EURUSD 9-2-16_zpsdijpaacj.png


Buy Stop: 0.74283
SL: 0.73925
TP: 0.74454
Actual Exit: 0.74454
G/L: 17.1 pips
 photo NZDUSD 9-7-16_zpsp5tkhchs.png


Buy Stop: 0.84264
SL: 0.84006
TP: 0.84419
Actual Exit: 0.84419
G/L: 15.5 pips
 photo EURGBP 9-7-16_zpspxu9jo7o.png

Buy Stop: 0.77072
SL: 0.76861
TP: 0.77266
Actual Exit: 0.77266
G/L: 19.4 pips
 photo AUDUSD 9-7-16_zpsmfzyozov.png


Buy Stop: 1.13177
SL: 1.12827
TP: 1.13444
Actual Exit: 1.12827
G/L: -35 pips
 photo EURUSD 9-7-16_zpsunn2q5te.png


Buy Stop: 102.787
SL: 102.557
TP: 103.149
Actual Exit: 102.557
G/L: -23 pips
 photo USDJPY 9-9-16_zpsedzdqij1.png


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