Been on hiatus for half a year, and after some soul searching, I decided to scrap my fashion design and arts dream and simply focus on trading instead– hence, I’m transforming this site from a lame personal fashion blog into a trader’s blog (we have too many fashion blogs already out there, and I want this to be something useful, especially to fellow traders, or even non-traders who feel stuck and need some push and inspiration).

This is a continuation of my old trading blog which anyone can see here. Unlike my old blog (where I ranted and dumped some of my performance in various demo accounts), I’m gonna put my actual performance on my live account here instead once I find a secure platform to link my Mt4, so stay tuned. 🙂

I’ve been trading live for a few years: stocks for 4 years and forex for less than a year now– pretty much still a newbie despite some years of paper trading prior to that. For personal reasons, I decided to quit my corporate job and do this full time since last year. I have no idea how that leap of faith will turn out (haha), but that’s pretty much what this blog is gonna be all about.






Trading Adventures of a Millennial

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