Setup for the Week (8/16-8/19)

Before I continue Part 2 of August recap,  here are the zones I’m looking into. I’ve entered some stop orders to 4 of the pairs already since I’ve figured the US FOMC minutes report 2 days from now won’t make much impact on the greenback this week (no need to be worried about being whipsawed), while the rest I’m still in wait-and-see mode and would enter trades after the relevant economic news release on the scheduled time below (in GMT +8):

EconCal 8-16-16

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Weekly Recap (8/2-8/5)

This is part 1 of 2 of the 1st half of August recap which ended pretty nicely–late blog post because I’ve been busy tweaking my trading strategy and in the process of testing out 2-3 new strategies I’ve come up with (and squeezing in some Minecraft play time sesh in between because why not? It’s fun and highly addicting, not to mention it seems to be psychologically helping me trade better–more about that in another post).

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Weekly Recap (7/4-7/8)


So basically I started and continued this week on the green, and ended on the red, all thanks to me being an idiot and deciding to join the Friday NFP carnage. I would have actually survived if only I followed and waited for the levels I initially set here instead of jumping off the US Non-Farm Payroll cliff, or jumped but followed the strategy here and not trading like a drunken cat.

Anyway, here’s how my week went in detail:

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