Weekly Recap (8/15-8/31)

As mentioned in my entry here, catching up on the recap blog post now for the 2nd half of August. I’ve continued trading “blind” (though I read the news and figure out the overall sentiment at each start of the week, I don’t read the news yet on the day and hour I trade, I let the chart patterns and current price movements speak for themselves and trade accordingly, usually umbrella trade if risk is a bit high and I align them to my weekly strategy). Thankfully I got better results, but because of that, I won’t be able to add more input about what economic news could have possibly triggered the price movements, which is different from how I usually do recap (even my separate trading journal now has less “essays” haha the moment I switched into “blind” trading). Here are the results:

Buy Stop: 1349.08
SL: 1343.94
TP: 1354.74
Actual Exit: 1354.74
G/L: 56.62 pips
 photo XAUUSD 8-16-16_zpsdkabq9zg.png


Buy Stop: 1.28943
SL: 1.28733
TP: 1.29145
Actual Exit: 1.29145
G/L: 20.20 pips
 photo USDCAD 8-16-16_zps9uhho6my.png


Buy Stop: 1.12307
SL: 1.11989
TP: 1.12669
Actual Exit: 1.12669
G/L: 36.20 pips
 photo EURUSD 8-16-16_zpskkgflnhl.png


Sell Stop: 0.86121
SL: 0.86311
TP: 0.85857
Actual Exit: 0.8608
G/L: 4.10 pips
 photo EURGBP 8-18-16_zpsweszirzg.png


Buy Stop: 1.13427
SL: 1.12988
TP: 1.1365
Actual Exit: 1.1365
G/L: 22.30 pips
 photo EURUSD 8-18-16_zpswiv4inqh.png


Buy Stop: 0.7336
SL: 0.7311
TP: 0.73522
Actual Exit: 0.7311
G/L: (25.00) pips
 photo NZDUSD 8-23-16_zpsrvmgrlkq.png


Buy Stop: 1.32022
SL: 1.31553
TP: 1.32378
Actual Exit: 1.32378
G/L: 35.60 pips
 photo GBPUSD 8-23-16_zpszlmwjj4s.png


Sell Stop: 18.592
SL: 18.683
TP: 18.53
Actual Exit: 18.647
G/L: (5.50) pips
 photo XAGUSD 8-23-16_zpsibf1epuu.png


Sell Stop: 100.351
SL: 100.544
TP: 100.206
Actual Exit: 100.567
G/L: (21.60) pips
 photo USDJPY 8-23-16_zpsugwpemmq.png


Sell Stop: 1.11469
SL: 1.11691
TP: 1.11306
Actual Exit: 1.11306
G/L: 16.30 pips
 photo EURUSD 8-30-16_zpskczj9ysx.png


Sell Stop: 0.75174
SL: 0.75322
TP: 0.75017
Actual Exit: 0.75017
G/L: 15.70 pips
 photo AUDUSD 8-30-16_zpse2nhk2mm.png


Buy Stop: 1.30586
SL: 1.30164
TP: 1.31097
Actual Exit: 1.31097
G/L: 51.10 pips
 photo USDCAD 8-30-16_zpskrkleqag.png


Buy Stop: 102.478
SL: 102.302
TP: 1102.673
Actual Exit: 102.673
G/L: 19.50 pips

Buy Stop: 103.424
SL: 103.04
TP: 103.793
Actual Exit: 103.793
G/L: 36.9 pips
 photo USDJPY 8-31-16_zpshm0ef1lu.png


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